“The key to healing trauma depends on our ability to attune to others,

to emotionally see and be seen, and to create consistent spaces of love and respect that allow us to feel safe.”

Van Der Kolk, 2014; Cozolino, 2010; Porges, 2007

My Story

I started my yoga practice  in 2001, I was experiencing BIG ‘T” Trauma. I left an abusive relationship, finished counselling and was finally standing on my own two feet. Even though I was starting to heal I had symptoms of PTSD: post-traumatic stress disorder. I began practicing Kundalini Yoga & I started to experience my symptoms subsiding. I was starting to heal from my experience through the meditation, breathing, movement & spiritual practices. 

I deepened my practice when I became pregnant in 2009 and eventually that lead me to my first Yoga teacher training in Windsor, Ontario. I have been teaching in Yoga and Windsor-Essex county since 2011 and have 350+ hours of teacher training. I have taught private sessions, studio classes, workshops & retreats. 

When the pandemic arrived in 2020 I realized I had some unresolved stress and trauma and I wanted to address it. My own personal traumas combined with the weight of the collective trauma happening in the world led me on my search for something to help. My search lead me to Trauma-Informed Yoga & Social Justice workshops & training with Hala Khouri & Collective Resilience. I am on my way to full certification as a Trauma-Informed Yoga Instructor. The training has given me the tools to find more depth and reinvent my work as a human being, student and a teacher.

When it came time to go back into the yoga studio after the lockdown in 2020 to teach I felt a pull to do things differently. evoli Movement was born from this pull and out of love: evoli is “i love backwards. I wanted to offer a more in depth approach to students and serve them more authentically. It can be hard to teach the general public a practice that is more in tune and a container for their personal healing in a studio setting. Most students aren’t their for that or it isn’t possible because of time and class sizes.

I decided to offer my  work with online so is more accessible and addresses trauma and stress. I recognized that the people inside the studio were not the ones I wanted to teach. It was the person outside the studio, looking in, wanting to be a part of the practices but in there own way.  It has always been my philosophy that yoga and yoga philosophies belong to everyone, sometimes people just need to do it in unconventional ways. Whatever an individuals experience I have a desire to help them in a way that is personal to them, allowing them to take ownership of their own practice so it will benefit them the most. 

evoli Movement

When I decided to start studying Trauma-Informed Yoga and Self-Regulation practices I realized quickly how deeply traumatized so many of us are, including me. I made it my mission to find a way to help others move through and overcome their trauma and stress.

Everything fell into place and I had a new purpose & vision. evoli Movement sparked a new way of teaching for me that would help people heal. I decided to create a safe space that was open to anyone, welcoming, comfortable, safe, accessible & available. A place filled with personalization, individuality and love. This place is warm, empathetic and filled with compassion and consideration for you.

How Do I Begin?

Let’s schedule a chat over the phone or you can send me an email at hello@evolimovement.com to see if the program and courses are right for you. If you feel ready visit the Home page to become a member and join the video library, purchase a private session, the Movement Program or jump over to Facebook to book a private session with me. 


My Mission

evoli Movement is a resource  that will help you feel self-regulated, grounded and centered. I will assist you in focusing on your emotional, mental and physical well-being by providing you with movement, breathing and meditation practices with a trauma-sensitive lens. This space is somewhere you can feel safe, supported and seen. It is a resource for you to find coping strategies to help you step out of your suffering and step into healing.

evoli Movements intention is to be an active piece in helping individuals end their personal Trauma. It is a landing space filled with resources to help alleviate suffering and elevate healing. The wellbeing of each client is the primary focus and end goal of evoli Movement.

The entire world is filled with unhealed trauma. It is important for me to be an active role in bringing an end to suffering in people’s lives through my work. There is nothing like moving through what has held you back for so long and finding a ray of light behind the darkness.

Certified & Trauma-Informed Yoga Specialist

350+ Hours of Teacher Training-200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training (2011-2012), 30-Hour Restorative Yoga Teacher Training (2015), Adjustments Teacher Training,  130-Hours Trauma-Informed Yoga & Self-Regulation with Social Justice Training (2020) with Collective Resilience.

Jayne has been a yoga practitioner since 2001 and a yoga teacher since 2012. She has attended numerous yoga teacher trainings and workshops. She has taught hundreds of yoga classes, workshops and retreats.

Contact Information

Medical Disclaimer: Not all movement is suitable for everyone, and it is recommended that you consult your doctor before beginning this, or any, movement (exercise) program. To reduce the risk of injury, never push, force, strain, or attempt these movements without the assistance of a trained yoga instructor. If you experience pain or discomfort during the movements, please stop immediately and consult your doctor. The instruction presented in these courses is in any way intended as a substitute for medical advice.

Psychological Disclaimer: These courses are not meant to treat or diagnose any psychological conditions. If you suspect that a clinical condition such as Post Traumatic Stress disorder is present, please consult a psychologist, psychiatrist, or social worker to address these issues. The practices in these course are meant to be resources but not a treatment or assessment of any mental or emotional conditions. That is outside the scope of a teacher and within the scope of a professional mental health counselor. Yoga teachers are not trained mental health providers and are not meant to treat or diagnose anyone. Please consult a trained provider if you encounter any behavior that is beyond your ability to address.