Trauma-Informed Yoga is Human-Informed Yoga

The Trauma-Informed Instructor puts their students comfort & safety first. The practices I offer are in tune with the individuals emotional, psychological & physical state. This makes the practices more accessible & available.

Welcome to evoli Movement

evoli Movement uses a Trauma-Sensitive lens to assist clients in finding resources to navigate through their experiences. The practices & courses are primarily rooted in Yoga but not limited to it. In the practices you will find accessible practices that offer you self-regulation, grounding, centering & balance. Each persons individual comfort levels, sensitivities, experiences and abilities are considered and an individual approach is  taken to design practices that will assist you on your path to healing & well-being.

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The Private Session is a beneficial component of your healing journey. These 1-on-1 sessions are offered online or in-person. They are based on each individuals experience. Together we will create resources and practices that support your well-being. You have the option of purchasing single sessions or bundles. To book your session visit Evoli Movment on Facebook. 


Video Library

The Video Library gives you access to practices that include movement, breathing, meditation, grounding and self-regulation practices that are designed to assist in balancing your stress & trauma. Practice when you desire and at your own pace.


Introduction to Yoga


Do you want to learn the basics of the movement practice I teach? You will receive access to 4 Introduction to Yoga Videos plus bonus practices to help support you in the practice. 

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Design your own Healing & Well-being journey.


4 Introduction to Yoga Practice Videos

8 BONUS Practice Videos

Video Library Access w/ 75+ Videos 

3 Personalized Private Sessions

PRICE: $350

$500+ Value!


3 Personalized Private Sessions

1 Movement Practice: Self-Regulation Video

1 Simple Grounding Practice Video

1 Simple Centering Practice Video

1 Simple Orienting Practice Video

PRICE: $250

$350+ Value!


What is Trauma-Informed Practice?

Learn more about Trauma and Trauma-Sensitive practices.

Do you need more resources?

Find out what Self-Regulation resources are and find a list of professionals that can help if you require more assistance in your well-being journey.

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