Evoli Movement is an “i love” movement. A system of movement and grounding practices to give you resources to feel balanced, connected and most of all love. When you begin the evoli Movement Program you will be granted access to an 4-Intro to Yoga Classes with 8-Bonus Videos, virtually. After you are comfortable with the movement practice I will design 3-Personalized Practices specific to your needs, comfort and trauma. We will meet virtually or we can work safely in person. You will also have access to the full Video Library while you are in The Movement Program. 

In the evoli Movement Video Library you have the opportunity to take part in practices that include movement, breathing, meditation, grounding and self-regulation. 

Enjoy Workshops & Retreats in Windsor-Essex county, Michigan and online very soon that will offer intricate practices and courses to help heal and enhance your well-being.

What I Offer

Personalized Sessions

These practices are private and done online or in-person. You will receive self-regulation practices that address your personal trauma and stress. The most effective way to help you achieve healing and well-being. 


Get full access to courses that include movement, breathing, meditation, grounding and self-regulation courses that are designed to assist in balancing your mind, body and soul.

Workshops & Retreats

Workshops are specialty courses that offer you the opportunity to learn more and enjoy a more in depth lesson. Retreats are community based and will involve group and individual activities to promote wellbeing and post-traumatic health.

Private Movement Courses

The Private course is an important piece of a clients healing journey. These one on one courses are offered online or in-person. They are based on each client’s individual circumstances and situation. We will set goals and make adjustments according to each unique individual. We will use multiple practices to find a perfect fit for you to arrive at your post-traumatic journey.

These are designed specifically for you. When we are born we have our own personal design and these Private Yoga Classes will be a reflection of you. They are catered to your physical, mental and emotional needs. A personal yoga class allows me to address what a studio or group class cannot. The attention is on you and the goal is to help you heal and overcome your suffering. You will be provided with movement, breathing and mediation practices that will help you find appropriate resources for you needs.

Introduction To Yoga Classes

These are focused on grounding, balancing and accessibility. The classes will help students feel included and will provide modifications that will be achievable for most. Yoga means union so we will begin to connect you deeper to yourself through movement, meditation and breathing. I will introduce you to the traditional Hatha Yoga with slower, deeper movement practices so the movements are acheivable. The courses are broken down into 4 sections to help you feel comfortable and to allow you to go at your own pace.

Breathing & Meditation

Breathing practices will help you self-regulate and bring you into balance. We walk through every part of our life breathing. We breathe when we sleep, move, relax. Breathing or pranyama (life force) is crucial to our existence. Breathing practices bring us into mental and emotional balance and help us get rooted instead of feel out of control. Some of the practices will include: Mindful breathing, Yoga breathing, square breathing and more. Take a big Sigh right now…how does that feel?

What do you imagine when you think of meditation? I used to imagine a very long and painfully silent practice that was very uncomfortable because I had to sit crossed legged and not move. This is not something that is beneficial to me. Meditation is magical and full of transformation for the practitioner. The practices I teach are unique and adjustable to the practitioner. A few of the meditation techniques I will use are guided meditation, music led meditation, mindfulness meditation, mantra meditation and more. Available in our Introduction to Yoga bundle.