Trauma alters our mind, body & soul. When we find the right resources we begin to transform into healing . Self-regulation and movement practices are a gift. This gift holds a key to our well-being.   

Jayne Cichon

Resources for Self-Regulation

When we use practices for self-regulation we get our control back, we have the experience of being grounded, centred, oriented and we bring balance back into our lives. When we are experiencing stress or trauma we feel dis-regulated.  The tools, practices and resources provided in my work help you to gain resources to self-regulate. You can obtain your own personal tool box that you can use at anytime to acquire well-being and healing.

When you do not have the resources you need to overcome the situations where you feel out of control or triggered your mind, body and soul are affected in a negative way. Through these practices we can discharge the negative energies that come from stress and trauma and you are able to move through your experiences.

Our nervous system is deeply effected by our traumas and stress. It does not follow a clock or a timeline. You may get triggered either consciously or unconsciously and you are brought back to the negative experience. The good news is the resources found in movement, meditation and breathing can interrupt the old patterns and change your suffering into healing. 

Orienting: into the present moment takes us out of the past and into the here and now. We are able to be in our mind, body and soul by connecting to our senses. In the present moment we may find calm and relief from our trauma and stressors.

Grounding: A most important resource in a yoga class. If we aren’t grounded we feel out of control, anxious, stressed… When we are grounded we feel safe, comfortable, connected and able. 

Centering: Our pure nature and existence lies in knowing our centre, ourselves. When we are off-centre we live outside of ourselves. Relying on influences other than ourselves to exist. In our centre we find clarity, power and contentment.  

Balancing: Balance isn’t achievable in every moment but when it is a focus we are less likely to be thrown off the path so easy, less triggered and there is a ebb and flow in our experiences. We go from being scattered and overwhelmed to intentional and stable. 


Inner + Outer Resources

Outer resources are things like the physical practices, breathing, orienting, grounding. Inner Resources are more involved with your individuality and your personal experiences. In these practices we will make it a goal to find resources that match your needs so you will have your own tool box to help you heal. 

More Useful Resources

BOOK: Peace from Anxiety by Hala Khouri

Balanced Life Wellness Centre-Essex, Ontario

Facebook: @balancedlifewellnesscentre

Canadian Mental Health Association-Windsor-Essex County

When Angels Gather-Windsor, Ontario

Marica Marchant:End of Life Doula, Labour Doula, Reiki Master & Angel Readings

HIATUS HOUSE (Domestic Violence)-Windsor, Ontario

Windsor-Essex Child/Youth Advocacy Centre-Windsor, Ontario

More information coming soon!